Participants will become familiar with the building blocks of the internet as they create, remix, and share web content in a collaborative environment. Weekly projects and discussions will provide students with opportunities to spark their creativity and improve digital literacy. The web gives us all a chance to be inventors!

Learning objectives

Participants will learn about:

  • Exploring - navigating the web
  • Building - creating for the web
  • Connecting - participating on the web

Many of these ideas are taken from the Web Literacy Standard.

What we'll make together today

Participants will begin by exploring. They will learn to navigate the web and gain a basic understanding of the building blocks of the web - what's under the hood, so to speak. Participants will then begin to build - a profile page will be their first "make"!

  • Build a profile page

Participants will then begin to dive further into the building process by manipulating the building blocks of the web. Students will learn about hacking and remixing.

  • Remix a profile page

Participants will end the first class by connecting with others. Students will learn about hyperlinks, and will use them to remix a classmate's profile page!

  • Remix somebody else's profile page


Everything you need for today's class has been provided for you. For the online portion of this course, students must have access to a computer with a modern web browser. A list of modern web browsers can be found at BrowseHappy.

The Online Class

After the first class has ended, students will have access to an online course lasting an additional four weeks. During those four weeks, students will work independently or in groups to master the following curriculum:

Week Two - Introduction to Webmaking

  • Making as Learning
  • Connected Learning in Practice

Week Three - Remix and Contextualize

  • The Open Web
  • Add the Web to Anything

Week Four - Do and Share

  • Webmaking as Learning
  • Peers Working in the Open
  • Playtesting

Week Five - #teachtheweb

  • Make it Real
  • #teachtheweb #4life